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Generics and virtual functions

Temps de lecture : 4 min.

Hybridizer supports generics and virtual functions. These concepts allow writing flexible code with type parameters, defering actual behavior resolution to type instanciation by client code. These are fondamental features of modern languages, easing encapsulation, code factorization and concepts expression. However in C#, type parameters are resolved at runtime, which comes with a significant performance penalty. Hybridizer maps them …

C# Hybridizer

From C# to SIMD : Numerics.Vector and Hybridizer

Temps de lecture : 5 min.

System.Numerics.Vector is a library provided by .Net (as a nuget package), which tries to leverage SIMD instruction on target hardware. It exposes a few value types, such as Vector<T>, which are recognized by RyuJIT as intrinsics.Supported intrinsics are listed in the core-clr github repository.This allows C# SIMD acceleration, as long as code is modified to use these intrinsic types, instead …

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Mandelbrot with Hybridizer

Temps de lecture : 4 min.

We describe here the implementation of Mandelbrot fractal image generation using Hybridizer. The language of choice is C#, and implementation is done using 32-bits precision arithmetic. Mandelbrot set is the set of values c for which the sequence: {𝑧0=0 𝑧𝑛+1=𝑧2𝑛+𝑐 remains bounded in the complex plane.It happens an equivalent definition is: limsup𝑧𝑛 ≤2 𝑛→+∞ That …